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Route / Tour Grading System

ANDELI ® Mototouring™ has adopted the following system for assessing the level of difficulty of the various routes, with the aim of informing travelers regarding the driving difficulties involved in each route, as well as about the skills required in each case.

Following their systematic study and the full mapping of the proposed routes, our associates have planed all the itineraries so as to enable even inexperienced riders to enjoy the experience of traveling on two wheels with absolute safety.

The following guide will assist travelers in knowing whether a particular route has many turns, potholes, public works, dirt roads or roadworks, before setting out on their journey. Through this system that is offered by our company, you will know what to expect in advance, thus enabling you to acquire the necessary experience that is required, either under our direction or through our authorized associates – driving schools for difficult driving terrains.


Easy routes. Asphalt-paved roads in good condition and normal altitudes. On certain routes, we drive on coastal or mountain roads that are easily accessible, with varying landscapes.


These routes usually appear in multi-day tours, and in asphalt-paved roads in good condition. During these tours, however, we may also have to travel on dirt roads or at high altitudes with varying weather conditions for a few days (2 or 3). Some routes entail more turns and it is therefore important that riders should have driving experience in such conditions.


Routes are usually on asphalt-paved roads, however these may be in a bad condition, with quite a lot of potholes and challenging weather conditions, or they may entail heavy traffic, especially during the summer months (seaside resorts or large city centres).


Driving on asphalt-paved roads and slate-paved paths that are generally in good condition. In some sections of the route, the roads may be narrow, for example in traditional mountain resorts. In certain routes, or for a big portion of our tour, it is quite possible that we may come across dirt roads in good condition, but always with soil that has been well settled.

The wind and high altitudes may render driving tiring at certain parts of the route. We may have to cross shallow brooks or rivers, as well as go through small sandy areas.


In theory, these routes are difficult and tiring. Nevertheless, with the right support and directives from our experienced guides, riders will adjust to these routes and they will be able to manage the potential difficulties that may arise, continuing to enjoy the predetermined routes with safety.

In these tours, a lot of the routes are on roads with gravel, sand or dirt – but not at a racing level! – so riders will enjoy the unique landscapes in a relaxed manner. Off-road driving experience is required.

Optionally, and following prior agreement, we can also arrange a practice day with a certified trainer at a drivers’ training park (an extra charge will apply).

Liability Disclaimer: The route grading system has been compiled in good faith. It is the participants’ responsibility to choose a route that is appropriate for them, depending on their experience and skills. In any event, our specialized staff will help you choose the perfect route for your ideal journey.*