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low, medium and high displacement motorcycles

ANDELI ® Mototouring™ offers leasing services for low, medium and high displacement motorcycles that can meet all your company’s requirements. Lease your company motorcycles from us in order to optimise your associates’ travel costs.

Leasing is the ideal solution for professionals, businesses as well as individuals who wish to acquire or renew their motorcycles without investing significant funds or incurring the burden of a loan. Our company can give you extensive information on its available Leasing policies.

There is a general feel that leasing is only for businesses. Andeli Mototouring vouches that this is not the case and that it is open to anyone.



  • Faster acquisition of your chosen HONDA motorcycle
  • You are always at the edge of technology
  • Choose all the accessories you want for your chosen model. i.e Top case, panniers, spotlights, alarm etc.
  • Servicing at authorized Honda dealers
  • Original Honda servicing parts only
  • All management and servicing costs are included
  • Time-saving

Furthermore, there are financial and tax benefit reasons that offer extra motivation to move to leasing.



  • Preserve liquidity
  • Save on taxation as the monthly installments are 100% tax deductible
  • Payable VAT is compensated
  • Efficient cash flow and planning due to the fixed monthly payment
  • Lower taxation and significantly improved balance sheet
  • Avoidance of interest rate risk or decrease of the motorcycle value at the end of the leasing period
  • All management and servicing costs are covered by us thus offer you peace of mind to concentrate on the important stuff in your life



  • Number plate issuance
  • Road Tax
  • 24-hour road assistance
  • All management and servicing costs with original parts in authorized Honda servicing centers
  • Tire changes every 15.000 km
  • Motorcycle replacement
  • Full insurance coverage, including third party and theft, fully comprehensive with 1.000 euros excess law coverage and roadside assistance
  • Free drivers helmet
  • Free safety lock
  • Contact us to find the ideal solution to your needs

Leasing a motorcycle is a very simple procedure and can be concluded within 5 minutes, even over the phone!

  1. First step is to decide on the Honda motorcycle that fulfills your individual and/or business needs by visiting the Greek internet site of Honda Motorcycles. Our stuff in ANDELI Mototouring is always on call to consult with you and identify the appropriate motorcycle that suits your need
  2. After answering our questions within 3-4 days you will have in your e-mail a personalized offer
  3. After concluding with the motorcycle model and accepting our offer we proceed in a necessary financial check. (Look at the documents required under our FAQ 1)
  4. Following the successful financial check, we proceed by sending you the contracts that need to be signed and return to our headquarters. By depositing the warrantee guarantee  (Look FAQ 2) we proceed in ordering your motorcycle
  5. Within 4-7 working days (provided the motorcycle you have chosen is in stock) you can come and collect your motorcycle or advise us to deliver your motorcycle anywhere you wish. The leasing period officially starts by signing off the take over record.

What is the paperwork required for the credit control check?

Depending on the type of company there is different paperwork required. Kindly contact us via e-mail or phone to clarify further.

What does the warrantee guarantee stand for and how much is it?

In order to proceed to order your motorcycle, our company asks for a guarantee. The value of the guarantee is the equivalent of three gross monthly installments (no VAT). This guarantee will remain with Andeli Mototouring and will be returned to the client (interest-free) at the end of the leasing period should the contract has been fully materialized.

Is an advance payment necessary?

No! An advance payment is not a prerequisite with Andeli  Mototouring

Can I acquire the motorcycle at the end of the leasing period?

Yes! However, you are requested to provide us with this information prior to the beginning of our agreement. In general our clients prefer to continue with a new leasing agreement as one of the key elements is to have the latest and most advanced model at your disposal!

Why lease HONDA ONLY motorcycle?

We constantly strive to offer the best possible service for our clients. Our long lasting and successful business venture with Honda Greece, we can vouch for the reliability, the servicing and maintenance of the motorcycle. Gradually it is our goal to have more dealers under our roof! Stay tuned!

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