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Our Profile

The Athens-based travel agency  ANDELI ® Mototouring™ offers comprehensive solutions for motorcycle rental and tour organization, both in Greece as well as abroad.

Being passionate about the “journey”, our attention is focused on our customers, to whom we strive to offer premium quality services. Choosing from a wide range of activities, our team that is located at our privately owned premises is able to offer solutions meeting every travel and motorcycle wish that you may have, serving every step of your journey.

Within the context of our quality service provision, our company recently launched its exclusive collaboration with the Saracakis Group of Companies, which is an official importer and distributor of HONDA motorcycles in Greece.

Would you like to travel on your own or with your group of friends? By providing you with a wide variety of options, we are able to help you discover the magic of traveling on two wheels that, in our view, equals absolute freedom!

It is absolutely certain that our services will offer exactly what you are looking for. We have low, medium and high-performance bikes for rent, organized tours in Greece and abroad, motorcycle leasing, airplane and boat ticket booking services, and training in moto-tourism through our network of associates, while we also make sure that you have everything you need in terms of accommodation, lodging, and entertainment.

Having as our aim to offer you a lifetime experience, our professional guides will make sure that you will have a safe but also fascinating journey, and they will help you explore the unique Greek landscapes, the adventurous paths of Europe and many other magical corners of our planet.


Why should you choose us?

  • Because we have a new motorcycle fleet, which is well equipped and provides a wide variety of options that meet every requirement.
  • Because our fleet is serviced by specialized engineers in order to always offer you a safe journey.
  • Because you can travel either with your own equipment or opt to use equipment that we will provide for you.
  • Because our experienced associates will help you discover a different side of Greece: having thousands of kilometers tucked away in their luggage, they have mapped out both familiar and off-the-beaten-track areas of the country, and they will share that knowledge in order to ensure that you will have a unique travel experience!
  • Because with us you can discover Europe but also travel the length and breadth of the world, exploring unique landscapes and civilizations.
  • Because our team can take care of all the particulars of your journey – accommodation, lodging, entertainment, and activities, at prices that are fully tailored to your individual budget.
  • and, of course… Because the guarantee offered by HONDA, the largest motorcycle manufacturing company in the world, along with the support that the Saracakis Group of Companies, provides throughout Greece, ensure that every driver will enjoy the best riding experience!