All the companies that contribute to the :lift off: of the Greek Tourism got awarded!

On the 20th of March 2018, Andeli Mototouring got awarded the Bronze medal for its dedication and services in the Greek Tourism Awards under the category Specialty Travel- Adventure Tourism: Greek Motorcycle Adventure.
All the companies that got awarded played a significant part in their respective categories by promoting the Greek touristic product. Andeli Mototouring with its unique product mix and services, managed to attract excellent reviews.

These awards were organized by Boussias Communications for the 4th year running, under the supervision of the Greek National Tourism Office. The panel consisted of high caliber individuals that have consistently contributed towards the excellence of the Greek Touristic product and we are extremely proud that our passion, dedication, vision have been noticed and awarded.

The actual award has been collected by the founder and CEO of Andeli Mototouring Mrs. Andria Psoma