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1 – 9 AUGUST 2020

Tour Description

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the famous Brass Festival, we ride across the Balkans to the unique town of Guca! Traveling by motorcycle, especially in the Balkans, you can feel every kilometer of the route, through locations that have it all. Classic European atmosphere, untouched landscapes, and villages full of the Balkan scent. In particular, Serbia, a country with traditionally strong ties with Greece, is unfolding a huge historical, cultural and motorcycling interest for the traveler. It looks like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered …

The Tour at a Glance

Start - Finish



9 Riding Days


3.000Km / 1.900mi

Riding Hours

4-8 hours/day

Lodging & Dining

8 nights on 3*- 4*hotels
8 breakfasts


10 – 14 riders


Middle. Experience in provincial roads


100% Asphalt Paved.
National & Provincial road network

  • Niš (Ниш): A city of immense historical importance, where there used to be the ancient city of Naisos, the birthplace of Constantine the Great and Constantine III. The ideal destination for those who want to experience the southern temperament of the Balkans.
  • Belgrade (Београд): Serbia’s capital. It is situated 117 meters above sea level, at the junction of the Sava (Сава) and Danube (Дунав) rivers, with bridges dominating and composing a magical landscape, especially at night. Green, hospitable and, thanks to its geographical location, it is a crossroad between West and East. Belgrade bears the marks of all past conquerors, which are strongly visible from the first moments one arrives in the city. The Ottoman and the communist impacts are remnant.
  • Novi Sad (Нови Сад): The capital of Voivodina, Serbia’s second largest city, Novi Sad is built on the banks of the Danube and was established to serve as an intermediary stop in trading. It has always been a center of culture, giving it the name “Athens of Serbia”. Its central European atmosphere and the multinational nature of its inhabitants (mainly Serbs and Hungarians, but also Croats, Slovaks, Jews) have left a variety of cultural attractions and worship sites.
  • The Guca (Гуча) Bronze Festival: The frantic rhythms of the Balkans, from dozens of musical groups, usually gypsies, will drag us into frantic dances until “final fall”. If we get tired at some point, street food aromas from local specialties will fully compensate us!
1st Day: Saturday 01/08/20 Athens – Dorjan (FYROM) 549 km / 345 mi
2nd Day: Sunday 02/08/20 Dorjan – Niš (Serbia) 330 km / 206 mi
3rd Day: Monday 03/08/20 Niš – Belgrade (Serbia) 480 km / 300 mi
4th Day: Tuesday 04/08/20 Rest Day in Belgrade 0 km / 0 mi
5th Day: Wednesday 05/08/20 Belgrade – Novi Sad (Serbia) 122 km / 76 mi
6th Day: Thursday 06/08/20 Novi Sad – Guca (Serbia) 278 km / 174 mi
7th Day: Friday 07/08/20 Fun Day in the Brass Festival 0 km / 0 mi
8th Day: Saturday 08/08/20 Guca (Serbia) – Ohrid (FYROM) 590 km / 370 mi
9th Day: Sunday 09/08/20 Ohrid – Athens 580 km / 365 mi
Per person in single room 750,00 €*
Per person in double room 620,00 €*
Two persons in double room 1180,00 €*

Rental prices for the 9-days tour Special 30% discount on regular prices.

Final prices per model:

  • + €360,00 for the CB500X
  • + €430,00 for the CB650F
  • + €455,00 for the NC750X
  • + €725,00 for the CRF1000L (Africa Twin)
  • + €790,00 for the CRF1100L (Africa Twin – Adventure Sports Μ.Υ.2020)

*Regular guarantee deposits apply according to motorcycle model.

Bike Rental for the specific tour dates Includes:  

  • Top case.
  • Side cases (The CB-650 IS NOT EQUIPPED with side cases)
  • Unlimited millage.
  • Third party insurance
  • Theft insurance (ONLY WITHIN GREECE)
  • Motorcycle green-card
  • Roadside assistance
  • Safety vest
  • Helmet for Driver
  • Safety lock (Honda U-Lock system)
Required Documents
  • Ι.D. –  Passport
  • Registration of the motorcycle
  • Green card of the motorcycle
  • European Insurance card

Tour Includes

  • Planning and organization of the tour.
  • Briefing in our company’s offices the week before the tour
  • Daily briefing for the routes before departure
  • Free technical inspection of your motorcycle the week before the tour
  • 8 night accommodations in selected 3* – 4* hotels
  • 8 breakfasts
  • 1 surprise dinner
  • Guided tours in selected sights
  • Experienced tour guides with own motorcycles (English speaking).
  • Technical support during the tour

Not included in the tour:

  • Hotel tax
  • Fuel and Tolls
  • Entrance fees to Museums, archeological sites, caves, events, etc.
  • Lunches, snacks, drinks, refreshments etc.
  • Everything that is not strictly mentioned in the tour program.
  • Tips
  • Everything else that is mentioned as Optional

Optional with surcharge

  • Pick up from Hotel or Airport and drop off accordingly
  • Hotel booking in Athens prior and/or after the tour


Tour dates and timetables may adjust to secure the safety of all participating riders.


These routes usually appear in multi-day tours, and in asphalt-paved roads in good condition. During these tours, however, we may also have to travel on dirt roads or at high altitudes with varying weather conditions for a few days. Some routes entail more turns and it is therefore important that riders should have driving experience in such conditions.

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