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FAQ for Tours


01. Which travel and personal documents do I need for the tour?

In order to drive in Greece, you must hold a driver’s licence (you must carry this with you at all times) and an International Driver’s Licence (for traveling to neighbouring countries and overseas).

The driver must hold a driver’s licence or international driver’s licence for the respective category of motorcycle. The licence must be valid and must have been issued in the renter’s country of residence at least one year prior to the date of rental.

02. Do moto-tours include asphalt paved or dirt roads?

Depending on the selected tour, there are moto-tours on asphalt paved or dirt roads or a combination of both. It all depends on your wishes.

03. Should I be experienced in moto-tours? If not, do you provide some kind of training?

All proposed moto-tours are tailored to experienced riders; nevertheless, our expert staff can provide some training and directives in case of more demanding moto-tours.

04. What is the route grading level / degree of difficulty of each moto-tour?

There are options for all driving capacities, including lower grade moto-tours as well as more demanding ones for riders.

To check the degree of difficulty of the moto-tours, click here for the ANDELI ® Mototouring™  Evaluation System.

05. Are there support vehicles for my luggage? Or should I look after them personally?

A support vehicle (Mini Van / Bus, Jeep) can be made available upon advance notice and arrangement; its driver can move independently during the entire duration or part of your moto-tours, for example: to carry fellow passengers; in case of adverse weather conditions or sickness; or to transport additional luggage.

06. Do you provide additional information before the tour? When will I be notified?

Seven (7) days before your arrival in Greece, our support team will email you with a comprehensive moto-tour guide with additional information on the areas that you wish to visit, as well as information about the accommodation, dining and entertainment. A respective update for the moto-tour will be issued one day or a few hours before departure (depending on the time of departure from Athens). Guides and updates are provided on the condition that the necessary reservations have been made in the group and that advance payment of at least 30% of the total cost of the moto-tour has been effected.

07. In case of an accident during the moto-tour, what is the insurance coverage? Which types of insurance apply?

  • All motorcycle rental prices include simple third-party liability insurance.
  • The renter is liable for any damage or theft (total or partial) of the rented motorcycle, up to the amount of its commercial value at the time of the accident / theft.
  • The renter will have to pay for the amount corresponding to the damage caused to the ANDELI ® Mototouring™, motorcycle, irrespective of his/her responsibility; he/she will be reimbursed the amount in question, if and when our company is indemnified for the incident.

CAUTION: The aforementioned insurance protection does NOT apply in the following cases:

  • In case of incident where the driver is found under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • In case of damages caused during driving in non-asphalt paved roads.
  • For damages to the lower parts, the tyres and the rims of the motorcycle.
  • In case of accident caused by a driver who has not been registered in the rental contract.
  • In case of accident that the renter has not brought to the attention of ANDELI ® Mototouring™ or for which he/she did not submit the relevant accident declaration, as required by the Greek law, irrespective of who is responsible for it.
  • The amounts related to the damage or the loss of the motorcycle, are paid directly from the renter’s valid credit/cash card, irrespective of the insurance coverage of the renter; in such case, the renter must pay ANDELI ® Mototouring™ the total cost for the repair or the replacement of the motorcycle.

08. Is there a motorcycle insurance coverage?

It only applies to categories 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. All motorcycles are equipped with a handlebar lock and an additional safety lock. Theft insurance does not apply to small two-wheeled vehicles (semi-automatic or scooters) of categories 1, 2, 3 and 4.  In case of theft, the renter must immediately notify ANDELI ® Mototouring™ and, following contact with us, he/she will have to go to the closest police station, inform the duty officer about the incident and fill in the appropriate form.

09. Is there a personal insurance coverage?

The company does not offer personal insurance coverage. However, should a client wishes to have a personal insurance, we will be glad to offer a competitive quote through our collaborating partners

10. What kind of equipment do I need for the moto-tour?

Your personal motorcycle equipment: helmet and motorcycle apparel, gloves, boots, as well as you own rain protection gear (jacket and trousers), mostly for reasons of hygiene and suitable body type.

11. What if I do not possess personal equipment?

ANDELI ® Mototouring™ will assist you in finding everything you may need: just contact the support team for the purchase or even rental of, for example, a helmet, a raincoat, a GPS, an action camera, etc.

12. Apart from motorcycle equipment, what should I remember to bring with me?

For your local visits, off the moto-tour, you should dress in light summer clothes (one or two warm fleece jackets or t-shirts). Do not forget to bring your camera in order to capture your unique holiday moments. Also, do not forget your sport shoes for walking and, of course, your swimming-suit, sun glasses and sunscreen, if you are to travel in Greece! In case of tours in countries other than Greece, contact us and we shall provide you with more relative information.

13. Who is the safety technician?

In case of simultaneous rental of at least two motorcycles with a common destination and common moto-tour, or in case at least two renters declare that they will follow the same moto-tour, the company will provide,at its own expense, a technician of its choice, who will accompany the renters with his own motorcycle. His mission is to ensure the safety of both our fleet and the riders, as well as to provide any possible assistance to our customers.

Terms and prices are subject to modification without prior notice.


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