Tour Name Tour in Evritania
Destination Karpenisi, Gorge of Panda Vrehi
Dates 23 – 24 June 2018
Lodging Hotel on a B/B basis (room sharing)
Type of route | Difficulty Level Tarmac roads, Gravel roads | Intermediate Level
Route duration Two day
Total distance 800 klm
Total driving hours 4 – 6 hrs

Price €80/driver, €40/pillion

Short Info: The county of Evritania, with its amazing routes, stone built villages and extraordinary physical landscape is the ideal motorcycle destination. The gorge of Panda Vrehi is a unique spectacle and it got its name from the continuous flaw of water that gives the illusion of constant rain. The monastery of Prousos , the Black Cave and the steps of Madonna are just some of the sights that we will enjoy during our route.

Day 1, 370km

We depart by following the National road and then provisional routes towards the village of Domnista. Then, via a gravel route, we will end up in the gorge of Panda Vrehi. We will enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters and have a barbeque next to the river bed! Then we will ride via the Kaliakouda route towards Megalo Chorio where we will enjoy a warm cup of coffee and the famous milk pie. Ending our day, we will reside to our hotel and if there still energy in you we will dine in a traditional tavern with live music!

Day 2, 380km

After our breakfast we will go to the village of Korishades and visit the National Resistance Museum. Then, via one of the most beautiful moto routes in Greece, we will visit the legendary Monastery of Prousos. We will pay our respects and move on towards the wonderful Black Cave. It is a wonderful short walk of about 15 minutes through waterfalls, that ends up in a secret church inside the rocks. For those that prefer not to follow this short walk there is the alternative of the Stremmenos Cured meat factory! Built in an ideal spot next to running waters you can enjoy local delicacies while you wait for our short walk to finish. Then via the Nafpaktos sea route we will return to Athens.

General Information

  • All the tours / excursions start and finish in our premises in 355, Mesogion Avenue, Halandri.
  • All the tours / excursions can be adapted to your needs and/or requests.

Included in the tour:

  • Tour guide with his own motorcycle
  • Planning and organization of the tour as well as daily briefing prior to the departure
  • Αccommodation on a b/b basis (shared room)
  • Safety vest
  • Photos and / or video of the tour
  • Map of the covered area
  • VAT 24%

NOT included in the tour:

  • Fuel and tolls
  • Entrance fees to archaeological sites
  • Dining, beverages etc.
  • Everything else that is mentioned as Optional

Optional with surcharge:

  • Motorcycle rental with top case at preferential rates
  • Travel Insurance
  • Pick up from Hotel or Airport and drop off accordingly
  • Hotel booking in Athens prior and/or after the tour
  • Side cases
  • Motorcycle global positioning system(GPS)
  • Action Camera (GoPro, Sony) or similar

Our fleet and tour charges:

Exclusive collaboration with Sarakakis group of companies, the official importer of Honda motorcycles in Greece. To secure a place in the tour a 30% deposit is required payable via cash and /or credit card (3% surcharge for credit card).